Texas- the lone star state

Hello everyone!

About 11 hours ago we were already tired and just thinking about sitting in a tiny car heading to another state for nearly 11 hours, made us sick. Alex and Fritiof had thought about it so they went earlier to buy some water bottles, snickers and snacks for all of us. The trip wasn’t so bad after all. We made a lot of jokes, listened to music and had a blast. At last, we finally arrived to the big coveted Texas.

The first day we were hungry and exhausted, it was before noon, so what could possibly be better than having a nice and big delicious brunch?

While we were having brunch we also talked about what we could do the following three days. It was hopeless… we quickly ran out of ideas. Suddenly we saw a man step into the restaurant. He had a big hat and odd clothes. He slowly walked in front of us, a big dark shadow passed through our table. He said: “Well haidi hoe y’all fellas, what brings you kids into our locality?”  We were just sitting there extremely shocked and amazed by the reality. We simply told him about our situation. The man looked at us and thought for a minute. He introduced himself. Afterwards he offered us a full camping day down at the cowboy ranch. We discussed the price and because we were poor young students, we got the offer a bit cheaper.  We gladly accepted his offer and he joined us for brunch.

The second day we met Luke -the man we met yesterday- in “ The ranch life”-as the place was called. The environment was so beautiful. It was like in the movies, we saw horses, cows and bulls walking around as if life was so easy and pure. We settled down, unpacked our belongings in the tents and began to live the life as pretty damn good cowboys!

We were quite anxious to learn more and more about how the people in Texas lived the wild west.

Old Luke began to show us how to swing a lasso in the air to catch a little tiny veal. We also learned some other stuff like horseback riding and gun shooting. Later that day there was an pie-eating contest for all the campers. Did you think that we all participated? HELL yes. Golnaz was ON that pie! We had a blast!

Later on that evening we sat around the campfire when Luke started to tell old stories that have been told for generations. He also told us that it’s quite common for people to were gun’s and rifle’s in public. If a stranger would walk in to someone else’s property it would be okay to for the proprietor to shoot him or her. We compared the Swedish rules with the rules in Texas. Oboy, what a great laugh old Luke had!

The last day in Texas we decided to take it a little less wild and just enyoy the beautiful environment at the ranch. We had been influenced by Luke and the people we met, so our Texas-accent had been really good!

Later on at the evening we began to pack our belongings heading to Oklahoma!

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