Oklahoma – Lawton

Hi everyone!

Texas was a wonderful state and we are now off to Lawton – Oklahoma. We started our “short” trip in a gas station, where we prepared ourselves for the best and 3 hours in small and narrow car. We took off with a full tank, satisfied stomachs and a great smiles on our faces. After driving for 25 min Fritiof pointed that the air conditioner was out of work. We all sighed at once and ignored him.

Fortunately the weather was perfect for a road trip, the sky was cloudy and it was to our use. It was a lovely day so calm and cool so we all took a siesta in the car except for Golnaz who was driving.

We checked in the nearest hotel, called Quality Lawton. The staff was so nice to us and they offered us 2 rooms for only 300$ in three nights. The hotell had great service and we all enjoyed our stay.

The State Oklahoma is located in the south central region of the U.S.A. The name Okla-homma means red people and it comes from the Indian language called Choctaw. It also says that the state is an Indian territory. So we all thought that it would be a great opportunity for us to learn more about the Native American, their culture, history and their stories. So what could be better than to visiting Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center!

The museum focused only on a tribe called Comanche. Their concept was to offer the public and their visitors a glimpse of traditional cultural items and detailed history about the tribe. And certainly to make other people get a better understanding. They actually succeeded with that and they made a mark on us all.

In the museum we met an old man called Buffalo. He was a social and talkative man in 73 years. When he found out that we were tourists from Sweden he didn’t let us out of his sight. He told us about the history of the Comanche tribe and what they have been through and so on. He also told us about how proud the Comanche’s used to be about their hair. The men used to wore it long and in two braids tied with leather thongs or colored cloth, and sometimes wrapped with beaver fur. The unusual was that the women didn’t let their hair grow as much as the men. They also parted their hair in the middle but kept it short.

A Comanche man with two beautiful braids.

Buffalo told as about his youth, when he was 8 years old his grandfather thought him how to use the bow and arrow. His grandfather was a real expert in hunting tools (gear).

“I remember how I was shaking that day. I was I little boy with no muscles so skinny and grandfather said that he also had been as small as I was. Good old days, Buffalo said with great smile on his face”

Buffalo was so kind that he insist to teach us how to use the bow and arrow. We were surprised be his kindness and how open he was to us. Even if we were strangers he treated us like his own children. He took his time and helped us the whole afternoon. We practiced to the sun down. We all become great shooters by the end of the day and Buffalo said that it was hard to choose the winner. So we all shared the first place! At the evening we made a big fire and Buffalo told us stories and legends of the Comanche tribe. It was a really great day with invaluable experiences and we don’t think that we will ever forget the meeting with our great old friend Buffalo.

We also want to share this clip with you guys so enjoy!

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