Home sweet home, we have now been in Sweden for a week and it’s about time to write our conclusion.

The purpose with our road trip to the United States was to learn more about the different cultures that existed in the country. We have learned a lot, not just only about the culture, but we also got to know a lot of new people and most of them also became our friends. There are many significant differences between the U.S. and Sweden despite the fact that both countries belong to the Western world and share the same religion.

When we were in Jackson, Mississippi, Golnaz and Fritiof got  ill and in the hospital we found out that ordinary U.S. citizens were required to have health insurance to get care. We were shocked because we are used to medical care for all both rich and poor.

We had never seen so many poor and it was an experience to learn that people do not always have it as good as we have. Americans may feel  dump sometimes and we noticed it when Jamila was interviewed by Johnny Knoxwill in Ohio.

However, the main fact is that we had a really good and exploring time together. It did actually never once cross our minds how much we really learned during this past month, all from: the multi cultures all around the country -to the hidden history behind every state. Not to mention all the people we met who helped us during our time in the U.S.

We would never consider to change or re-do any of our trips if we got the opportunity because it all went so fantastically amazing accept when Golnaz and Fritiof got sick of course. But if we still would have to change something it would probably be to perhaps plan our days a bit better. For example in Texas, when we didn’t know where to start in the beginning… But eventually, we pulled it through with a spontaneous day down at the ranch.

Would we be reading some more brochures if we’d someday go on a another road trip in the U.S ? We don’t think so. Another purpose of this whole road trip we think was to experience and explore the different places in a non-knowing way. With a “non-knowing way” we mean that we are open for every option there is. To smell, to eat, to laugh and sleep in an American way.  We learned that the best time we ever had was when we didn’t know what would happen. That our friends, is what we call: “ the shaking moments”.

Thanks for reading and goodbye!

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One Response to Conclusion

  1. Hi! Thanks for letting us read your blog! 🙂

    We think you have an enormous creativity and fantasy. It was really humouristic from time to time.
    You also have great facts about every city and we learned new things by reading it.
    There’s a good flow in your posts. You write about the social conditions in the US, which is very good!
    You do have to think about to really read through the posts before you post them, to avoid unnecessary spelling mistakes. There is also some grammar mistakes that you have to think about.
    Don’t forget the commas! It would be a lot easier to read if you used more commas.
    We can see that you are trying to use the linking words, and that’s good! Sometimes it becomes very repeating though, so try to use a bigger variation in your language.
    The structure was good, but think about how you put your sentences together. It also feels that you each wrote a small piece of the post and then combined them into a text. That way, it’s hard to know where your location is and what you’re up to.
    Think about having a plan and a vision how you want the posts to look like. That way it will be easier for the audience to read and follow.
    You compared the conditions in the US to the ones in Sweden in a very good way. Also, the personal- and enviromental descriptions are very good which makes the posts very believable.
    Some sentences doesn’t make any sense, so read it thoroughly.
    Funny pictures and dialogs! The video from the hospital feels a bit random, maybe you should’ve written something about Fritiof and Golnaz getting ill in the text aswell.
    The first video with Alex and Jamila reconnected to the “planning-post”, which was very good.
    The planning could have been better. You didn’t mention how much money you brought with you or when your plane left etc.
    Don’t forget the dates mates!

    See you later, alligator!

    /Lena, Rebecka, Nathalie and Louise

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