California – The Golden State

Hello world!

We have now visited our eighth and final state, California. We stayed with Fritiof´s other second cousins in San Diego for two days and then spent the last two days in Los Angeles trying to get a glimpse of the american celebrity life.

San Diego:

Culturally San Diego is a city with a lot of diversity, a big part of the habitants are of mexican descent and because of that, spanish is the most spoken language after english off course. San Diego is most commonly known for the San Diego Zoo, therefore we decided to visit it the first day. It was really cool and we had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of cool animals and learned plenty about what they are like. Gålnaz even overcame her fear for monkeys and had the courage to pat one!

San diego zoo

San Diego zoo

The following day we took the trolley to see the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier that now serve as a museum in San Diego. It was a part of the US Navy and participated in the war of Vietnam and had assisted the country in wars for 47 long years.

Los Angeles:

The first day at Los Angeles we went to Hollywood. We walked the walk of fame, went to the Hollywood Wax Museum and the universal studios, a movie based theme park, and off course we saw the famous Hollywood sign. It felt just like we were inside a movie!


The Hollywood sign

Did you know that Los Angeles means The Angels in spanish? Neither did we until we met Karen. She is a receptionist at our hotel and since we had such an urge for stories and facts about Los Angeles, that we invited her to lunch at . She told us a lot about her life, apparently she moved here as young to become a famous actress, but just like many other promising actors that immigrant to Los Angeles for a chance to become famous, she ended up as a flop. She also wanted to marry her girlfriend, but they don’t allow gay marriage in California anymore, since 2008. It made us really upset, but there was nothing to do about it, though it did made us regret not going to San Francisco for the gay parade.

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