City of trees – Washington DC


Today was another exploring day. Alex drove us for about 5 hours from New York to the capital city of USA Washington D.C. We arrived early in the morning and Alex wasn’t a really good driver so we got caught by the police officer. Fortunately we only got a ticket and a warning. It turned out that one of the policemen knew the city very well. We took us the freedom and asked him about the different sightseeing’s, rules, history and the most important of all where we could find a cheap hotel. He recommended that we should find a hotel in Maryland, which lies about 50 min from the city. Golnaz took over the driving because Alex wasn’t in a good mood after the police drama so he sat at the back seat complaining about how stupid Americans are. We arrived 9.30 at the hotel, all hungry and exhausted. We came just in time for breakfast and guess what we all ordered. Yeah that’s right American pancakes with maple syrup and a lot of blue and strawberries.

You really have to try American pancakes, I promise you guys won´t be disappointed.

Washington is as you all know the capital city of the United States of America. It has approximately 600 000 habitants. The city surrounds by the states Maryland and Virginia. Washington is a city of wide avenues, parks and many white buildings and monuments centered on the National Mall. The city also offers many different sightseeing and activities for all ages.

Afterwards we went to town for some shopping. We found a lot of souvenirs and other cool stuffs. Golnaz who is very fashion conscious selected a marvelous pattern skirt to me.

Fritiof were so fascinated by a little store called “Charlie’s souvenirs”. It was a small shop crammed with everything from Obama toothbrush to (Washington) license plates. The shop was very small and it was hard to get through places. It felt like being in a little candy store with lots of different flavors and shapes, that we wanted everything but couldn’t afford it. All the cool stuffs where like candy. The owner also called Charlie was a nice old man. He talked a lot to us about everything, actually. He also gave us some advice on places that was worth to see in Washington. After a whole day of shopping we ended our first day in a little Indian restaurant.

Here are some of the souvenirs we bought.

“Yes we can”

The ultimate keychain!

The ultimate key chain!

The second morning we all agreed to visit the national mall which is an open green park in downtown Washington, D.C. But before that we had a guided tour across Washington on a big white tour bus without any windows. We saw the White House, The National Monument and we also got the opportunity to visit the memorial of the Second World War and the Vietnamese war. We couldn’t get enough of taking pictures of ever thing we saw, but guess what, it started to rain that day. Our picnic didn’t end up so well, neither did our pictures.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading!


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